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Tired of your hair looking thin and limp? Maybe even your scalp is showing through.
Voluntechnics, a unique haircutting technique builds incredible body into fine limp and thin hair. Developed by Judaysia, an award winning Los Angeles based hairdresser.
Hair that was once thought hopeless can now be cut to look thicker.
Millions of women suffer with their shapeless thin hair.  With Volumtechnics Judaysia builds the weight into the hair where it is needed. The hair is never thinned out or slithered in any way.
Any type of style can be worn. Volumtechnics releases the hair and builds volume. Today’s hair with its easy casual style needs shape and body. Volumtechnics gives your hair shape it can hold on to. Your hair is cut so it is allowed to use its own stream of flow. Therefore it holds its shape while it is growing out allowing more time between salon visits.
To keep her clients hair looking great between salon visits Judaysia has developed a line of hair care products exclusively for fine, limp and thin hair. Her botanical formulas are made in small batches so the freshest most natural ingredients are used.Products to thicken your hair and give it body are best for fine, limp hair. With repeated use of Judaysia's product your hair will become thicker, longer and stronger. They never build up on the hair, They smell delicious and wash out clean. She uses ginseng, aloe, cherry bark, spirulina and other herbs, flowers and vitamins to promote a healthy hair and scalp. Her line is paraben free, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.
More information is available upon request. Visit Judaysia on the web at www.judaysia.com/products.html

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