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 Is your hair thinning and balding? Are you scratching and digging into an itchy scalp? Have you been told you have dandruff or much worse psoriasis?
You could be suffering from product build-up. A lot of theories are double talk but the bottom line is you are losing hair. Experts have discovered millions of women and men are suffering from Excess Product Residue (EPR).
Commercial products are formulated with silicones, wax, and polymers. They can build-up over time.
Polymers and gels build up, layering flakes on your scalp.The hair shaft and scalp become coated with layers of product smothering growth. It can make your head sweat because your pores are clogged up and the heat cannot escape. Growth can slow down from excess oil and product on the scalp create a foul unpleasant odor. Dry, itchy scalp with a rash behind or in front of the ears can be a result of EPR. Sores and abrasions can become infected.
Top hair and scalp technicians say EPR must be removed to restore healthy hair and scalp conditions. Removing baked on silicone and wax will return oxygen to the follicle. A pleasant and fresh smell will emit from the scalp. Hair will stop falling and new hair will begin to grow.
One of the most natural ways to remove product residue is with vinegar and water. Put one to two tablespoons of vinegar into a quart of warm water. Pour it over damp hair. Use your hands and go through the motions like you are washing your hair. It will lather because it is removing embedded EPR.
Rinse really well. A vinegar rinse should only be used periodically, where as a deep cleaning shampoo can be used more often.
There are a number of deep cleaning shampoos on the market. A favorite among stylists is Voltech Deep Clean. Voltech gently removes excess product from the hair using natural herbs, plants and flowers. Deep Clean restores the hair with natural shine and body. Its botanical formula helps the scalp breathe by controlling excess oil. It leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean. Voltech Deep Clean can be used once a week.
“At the end of the day it feels good to have a fresh clean head on the pillow,” says Judaysia, Voltech's Creative Director.

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