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Millions of people have a thin spot in the back of their head just below the crown. They think they are going bald. It is not baldness. It is a Whorl. A whorl is hair that forms a circular pattern in the crown. Your hair takes it growth direction from the whorl.
Sometimes the hair separates and lays down flat. It can even stick up.
There are some easy solutions that will keep your hair from looking like a bald spot.
When you get your hair cut leave some length in that area. When the hair is too short it will pop up. It needs weight to give it some control.
I like to use Judaysia Your Highness to thicken and fill in the space. This is the first cowlick and whorl tamer.  After shampooing towel dry your hair.  Spray on a little Judaysia Your Highness with an extra spray at the whorl. Take your comb to the whorl and comb your hair in every direction. For instance comb the whorl in and upward stroke, then comb it to the right, then to the left and then in a downward stroke. This distributes the extreme volumizer in the direction of the hair growth. Style as usual and your hair will puff up in that area with amazing volume. The spot will disappear. For extra security use Judaysia VS Volumizing Shaper Spray.
This will give the whorl some extra hold. Spray on a light mist of Judaysia VS Shaper. I always use Judaysia VS Shaper Hairdresser In a Can. It is a micro fine spray with memory hold. It is not wet, sticky or stiff.

Judaysia Your Highness and Shaper Spray is available at http://judaysia.com/products.html

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