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What if someone told you could make your hair thicker? Would you believe them? You really can. It is all about the way you approach it. You can be open and wear your hair in exciting, sexy, new ways or you can remain stuck in your present look. What if someone told you thicker hair was soft and sexy. Would you believe them? Gone are the days of stiff hair that doesn’t move. Millions of women have thin hair. Whether it is fine and thin or coarse and thin there is help. You can take your hair from thin to thick. There are haircuts, hairstyles, products and even add on hairpieces. We will tell all of the secrets to make your hair thicker.

A lot of celebrities have fine, thin hair. Remember the cute cut on Anne Heche? Her thin hair was tousled all over the place. Super model Kate Moss wears her hair long. Paris Hilton wears her thin hair platinum blonde. Cameron Diaz wears her hair in a variety of styles and colours. You can copy the stars and celebrity hairstyles. You can work with your own hair. It’s all about style. Giving your hair a look.

Learning to work with your hair is important. What can you do to make your hair thicker? What products should you use? What about hair colour? The answers are all here. Grow your hair thicker. Increase your volume. See what haircuts make your hair thicker. Learn to style your hair. You can have the beautiful hair you have always wanted. Judaysia's new book Style Your Hair will teach you the techniques, what products to use and give you hairstyles that are easy to do. The book is step by step. It even shows you what equipment to use. This book is like having a hairdresser do your hair everyday.

Judaysia is the creator of Volumtechnics Haircutting Technology. She is an award winning hairdresser who has been one of Hollywood’s best kept secret’s. She has styled the heads of rock stars, models, and celebrities. She has created a line of hair thickening products for her clients to use at home. Style Your Hair by Judaysia E-book available at www.judaysia.com/products.html

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