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Hair color can be thin hair’s best friend. It can make the hair look and feel thicker.
The American Hair Color Institute has attracted hairdressers from all over the globe to research the effects of hair color on thin hair. They have finished  studies on what global warming is doing to thin and balding hair and if it could  have any effect at all on thin hair that has been tinted. The AHCI has endorsed permanent and semi-permanent hair color because of the thickening structural effect it has on the hair.
Completed trials of 200 women have shown amazing results. Permanent hair color was used by 100 women and semi-permanent hair color was used by 100 women.
Permanent hair color lifts the cuticle of the hair and deposits color into the inner structure. This process also causes the diameter of the hair to swell making every single strand thicker and fuller. The process also causes the cuticle to lay down on completion sealing the hair in the new thick position. This produces shine, volume and movement in the hair.
“We saw the first completed cases and we could not believe what we were seeing and feeling,” said the AHCI’s   Dr. Sheila Vanne. “The hair looked so thick and gorgeous. It shined and looked extremely healthy, better than natural hair.”
Semi- permanent hair color had the same effect. The results did not last as long as the permanent hair color. More studies are under way.
Dr. Vanne stressed the use of a moisturizing conditioner such as Voltech Hair Salad. The AHCI has named Voltech Hair Salad the leading conditioner for women with thin hair.
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