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The beehive is the season’s hottest hairdo. It should be kept soft and messy with loose strands around the face and ears. Shape is important. As your face is round your beehive should be slightly square to balance your features. A little boxy with rounded edges. The common mistake is making the style too neat. Beehives work best on shoulder length hair. It only takes a few minutes to achieve the look.
Begin by blow-drying your hair with a round bristle brush. This is the backbone of a successful beehive. Section off your bangs and comb them to the side. You now want to add height to your hair. This is achieved with backcombing. Take a tree inch section wide of hair and use a narrow tooth comb starting at the hairline and working back toward the crown.  I like a Comare Mark V. Grate the hair with the comb like you are grating cheese. Hold the strand out and using a downward motion grate toward the scalp. This will give your hair a gentle lift. Backcomb the hair over the ears. Smooth the backcombed sections of hair to the back of your crown with your fingers and gather the length in your hand. Then twisting the hair upwards tuck the ends into a roll and secure them with hair pins. Use your comb to pull out a few strands around your face giving it a disheveled look.  Spray your hair with Judaysia Hairdresser In A Can Shaper Hair Spray. For more styling techniques Style Your Hair by Judaysia is an E-book available for download. Products and books can be purchased at...

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