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There has been a lot of controversy over sulfates in shampoo. Hair care companies are making shampoo without sulfates. .
Some people like how their hair feels when they use a sulfate free shampoo.
Lately I have been seeing clients who have been or are using sulfate free shampoo.
Some clients are experiencing hair loss due to a build up on their scalp. Others have dull hair that seems to look tired and coated. Still others have very dry hair and hair breakage. The only thing they are doing different in their hair care is shampoo.
Certainly hair loss and breakage can result no matter what you are using.
If shampoo with or without sulfates work for you then by all means use whatever you like.
Personally I like the suds from sulfates. They make my baby fine oily hair feel clean and full of body. I also like the natural ingredients in my shampoo such as aloe, calendula, chamomile, golden seal, henna, cherry bark and the list goes on.
I like a balance. It is important for me to get my hair clean and have it shine.
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