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Stop see through scalp! Feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror.
Millions of women and men can see their scalp through their hair.
If you have hair you can make it thicker. One of the best ways is with a Volumtechnics haircut. Volumtechnics Haircutting builds body into fine, limp and thin hair. Your hair becomes thicker because Volumtechnics creates weight and fullness where you need it. The hair is not thinned out in any way. It is thickened. Each strand supports the other allowing hair to thicken and grow. Volumtechnics haircuts hold their shape as they grow out. You need some length to make your hair thicker. Really short hair does not produce volume. If you cannot get one of my haircuts try some of my products.
One of the easiest ways to make your hair thicker is with Judaysia Mousse and Judaysia Thic. The two products combined thicken the strands. I like to use Judaysia Thic at the scalp and then use Judaysia Mousse.  When you comb it through it thickens your hair all the way to the ends preventing see-through scalp. Judaysia Thic is my No.1 selling product. Celebrities can’t live without it and neither should you. It is never sticky or stiff. Your hair will look and feel natural. It does not build up on the scalp. The more you use it the thicker your hair gets because it is formulated with the most powerful cell rejuvenating anti-oxidants, acai and nettle (a natural DHT blocker, the leading cause of hair loss) plus organic palnts and flowers to stop hair loss and promote growth.
It is also a good idea to learn how to style your hair. Use brushes and rollers that are easy on the hair. Boar bristle brushes create volume and help keep the cuticle from splitting. Easy Out makes velcro rollers that do not pull your hair out. They are available at the drugstore. My book How to Style Your Hair by Judaysia teaches you how. It has step-by-step instructions. I tell you what equipment to use and how to use it. It is packed full of easy tips and ideas. A must for every woman.
Judaysia Mousse, Judaysia Thic and How to Style Your Hair are available at http://judaysia.com/products.html


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