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Sophisticated yet inviting.
The worlds leading sex symbols were platinum blonde. Marilyn Monroe is the first name to cross our lips. Platinum hair never goes out of style. It always captures the eye and holds it. Short or long hair stands out platinum blonde. The styles change with the season but the color remains the same. To Get The Look:
Most platinum blondes are double processed. There are hair color lighteners on the market that can bring your hair up in a single process.  Sometimes you will need a toner. It is a good idea to go to a professional hair dresser. You may not have the right hair type to become platinum blonde. Your stylist should be able to tell you. Your hair could go brassy creating an orange or golden tone at the scalp. If you do-it-yourself touch up should only be applied to the new growth. Overlapping causes breakage. Never put powder bleach on your scalp.
Always condition your hair when you color it. Condition it every time you wash. Judaysia Hair Salad repairs breakage. It is the one product I have used over the years to give life to rock star hair that has been bleached, toned, crazy colored, and tinted all in the same day.
Platinum blonde shows off the cut. It is great hair to cut because it has so much texture and you can shape it. I love to cut bleached blonde hair. It holds a set. You can wave long hair and it looks amazing. Especially, if you use Judaysia Holy Water and John Frieda’s Secret Weapon. I like to spray  the Holy Water onto towel dried hair and  comb it through. It is the first leave in conditioner to remove tangles and knots, eliminates frizz and breakage and it actually gives the hair volume. It will not weigh it down. I love it. Judaysia holy Water is made with ginseng. Then I apply just a pea size of Secret Weapon and rub it in my hands then down the hair shaft. Not on the scalp. I like to apply Secret Weapon to wet hair. It seals the Holy Water and keeps the hair from frizzing. Judaysia Hair Care http://www.judaysia.com/products.html

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