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  Keeping Your Style
Ageless hair. It's all about the hair. If men have hair or they don’t it's speaks volumes about their sense of style.   
Men seem to lose their style as they get older. Some men never had any to lose. There's nothing sexier than a man with a good look.

A full head of hair can be worn short, medium or with length.
Longer hair looks right on some men. It never goes out of style because it is style.
Layers create so many looks. Wavy hair with layers are easy to manage. All the hair needs is a little product to either soften the waves or give them more definition. To control frizz Judaysia Holy Water calms and soothes frizzy hair. Just a few sprays is all it takes to have no fuss hair. To soften kinky unruly waves John Freida's Secret Weapon loosens and conditions. Use it after towel drying a small amount goes along way. Apply it on the ends first and let your fingers work it through.  
The layers give it shape and body. All of the looks on this page are layered except for Telly Savalas. He is so well groomed. He is style. The stubble on his face looks so right with his tan.
Skillfully applied hair color can make hair look and feel thicker. It can brighten skin tone.
Age does not matter. Men can look good at any age.

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