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The Shape Of Things To Come.
Long fringe and layers.
Layers are returning to every length of hair .Long hair looks best with long layers.
Layers, to gently move the hair and give it life, distributing the weight through out the head. Volume, body and fullness are cut into every strand. Lifeless, thin hair becomes thicker with long layers. Styling becomes easy. Your hair can be worn up or down.  
Long face framing fringe can be parted in the middle or swept to the side.
Volumtechnics haircutting at its best. Volumtechnics cuts body into fine, limp and thin hair making it instantly thicker and fuller. The weight is cut where it is needed most following the natural hair stream of the hair. The results is hair with shape. Your hair is cut to hold its shape as it grows out. Judaysia is the creator of Volumtechnics  Haircutting Technology.
To Get The Look:
Call Judaysia for an appointment and have your hair cut.
To style your hair: Ater shampooing with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo towel dry your hair and use Judaysia Holy Water. Spray on and comb through to the ends. Judaysia Holy Water is an advanced leave in volumizing detangler. The natural formula elimates frizz and fly-away hair. It builds in body and shine. It makes your hair alive with movement. Let your hair air dry for 15-20 minutes then blow dry using a jumbo boar bristle brush to shape hair. When finished tousle your hair with your fingers. Judaysia products are available at http://www.judaysia.com/products.html




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