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Invented in Paris in 1909 by French Hairdresser Antoine, the "Bob" haircut has been worn by influential women ever since. Artists, film stars, dancers, singers and fashion designers have all inspired some shape of the "Bob". Classic, geometric, or disheveled, today the "Bob" is back. Katie Holmes and Sienna Miller have made it chic again. Victoria Beckham and Jenny McCarthy have turned it into a geometric retro look. Wondering if a "Bob" would be right for you? The truth is the "Bob" is great for many different hair types, face shapes, and body types. It can make a statement. A "Bob" looks great in a suit, sexy in an evening dress, sporty in sweats and has an overall air of sophistication.

Even curly hair loves the structure of the "Bob". It can be forgiving or show every line. Its length can do wonders for a woman's face and body. It can add length or width to your face, neck or shoulders. It can hide an aging neck, or frame a jaw line; the "Bob" can become your best friend. Jackie Kennedy wore a longer one. Diana Spencer wore a short "Bob". Katie Holmes has reinvented the bob. She is always updating it and wearing it in new ways. Her latest version with the heavy bangs has once again brought it back into the spotlight. Victoria Beckham has worn her bob with the stacking in the back.

Fine, thin hair can become thicker. Unruly, wavy hair can take on a shape. It's all in the cutting technique. Hair can be cut to the same length all over the head and explode with volume. Some gentle long layers on straighter hair types will add movement and bounce. It can be shaped to give you height or it can be as flat as a board.

It is important to know how to style your bob. Using the right brush to blow dry can make all the difference. Some brushes allow the hair to lift while others shape and form the hair. Producing volume in the crown or wearing your bob flat each has its own styling techniques. To learn how to style your bob to look like Katie Holmes refer to Style Your Hair.

A "Bob" will swing and move, lay down flat or bounce and curl. Whatever it does, it is wonderful. Style Your Hair by Judaysia is available as an E-book at http://www.judaysia.com/products.html

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