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                                        MAKE YOUR HAIR THICKER!
                                         STOP SEE THROUGH HAIR!
                              INCREDIBLE HOLD AND STAYING POWER!


                 Judaysia Mousse thickens every strand. Fine, limp and thinning hair become visibly thicker. Makes hair thicker at the scalp. Fills in sparse spaces and helps reduce scalp shine. Provides a firm flexible hold.
Judaysia Mousse gives your hair holding power. Your set will last for days. Neversticky or stiff. Will not build up on your hair.

How to use: Shampoo. Towel dry. Apply a generous amount of Judaysia Mousse to the scalp area. Comb through to distribute to ends. Styleyour hair as usual. You will feel and see the difference.

 You can see by the pictures on the right my client had see through hair in the left photo. I styled her hair with Judaysia Mousse in the right photo. You can not see her scalp. The results are amazing and she can do this herself at home.

Judaysia Mousse can be used to set your hair in waves for the special occasion when you want it to hold all evening. To achieve the look. Shampoo your hair. Apply a generous amount of Judaysia Mousse and comb through your hair. Blow dry. Part your hair off center in line with the middle of your eye brow. Take one inch sections and pin curl wind your hair from the end to the scalp in a circular motion. Hold in place with a roller clip. Spray your hair with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray to set. Use your blow dryer to heat up your curls. Leave hair up about 30 minutes using your blow dryer a few times. Remove clips and style your hair into place with your fingers. Spray again with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray.    Back to Judaysia Mousse


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