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Get the look. Haircuts.

Hollywood beauties are ageing. They are looking sexy over seventy. They are paving the way for generations to come, to look better as we get older. Here are some tips on giving yourself a new look.

Updating your hair can take years off your appearance. Adding color to washed out tired hair can give your complexion a glow. Learning to style your hair and using new products can be easy and fun. Give your hair new life with a chic new style.

Longer hair as we age is the new trend. Longer lengths soften the features. The shoulder length softly layered style on Lauren Hutton complements her cheekbones, jaw line and neck. Her hair is cut in long loose layers. It is styled with a high side part that allows the layers to fall gently around her face softening her features. Her hair is soft and healthy looking.

I hear women say their hair has changed as they have aged. I think they have stopped caring for their hair, it has become less important or they just don't take the time they do not want to bother with it. What could be more important then taking time to feel good about yourself. A good haircut takes very little maintenance.

Finding a good hairdresser who will help you achieve a look is most important. If you are on a limited buget, put your money in a good cut. The right cut will take away years and soften your features. Stay away from really short hair. Every line, wrinkle, and jowl will become the focal point of your face. Short hair is full exposure.

Bangs can be better than botox. Ann- Margarets hair is softly layerd around her face. Her long bangs sweep over her eyes. Longer bangs bring the focal point to the eyes. They let you know you have a cheekbone and where to highlight it.The overall length is just above the shoulder softening the neck, making the jawline disappear.

These are just a few tips. You can always come and see me for a consultation. I would be happy to help you.


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