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Volume, volume, volume.
The shape of things to come. Glamorous hair. Shaped. It’s all about the shape. Volume can be cut into any hair type. Fine, thin and limp hair will benefit from the thickening power of the cut. The set will give your hair extra hold for longer lasting volume. To get the look…
Start with the right haircut. Hair should have shape wet or dry.
The bob has brought volume back into the hair. The new shapes are thicker and fuller. Volumtechnics haircutting turns fine, thin and limp hair into thicker, fuller hair. Research has shown when hair is cut with Volumtechnics using  the natural stream and flow producing hair on top of hair it will thicken the feel and appearance of hair. Fragile limp locks can be transformed. Haircuts retain there shape, allowing the hair to grow longer and stronger with less breakage.  “I have seen women return to my shop four months after I have cut their hair and it still looks shaped and thick. One client returned after a year and a half. I was shocked. Her fine, thin hair had thickened; it had grown into a long full style. Her name is Lisa; she is a very busy headhunter for international companies. So with the constant traveling, she let her hair grow out. Women tell me all the time it is the best haircut they have ever had,” says Judaysia, Volumtechnics creator.
Spray on Judaysia Thic. Thic is the ultimate in fattening the hair. The natural ginseng renews the life of the hair strengthening the hair follicle from the inside out producing thicker fuller hair. Herbs and vitamins fatten every strand. The hair needs something to give it body and holding power. Thic gives your more hair. Blow dry your hair. Use a jumbo boar bristle to shape your hair just before it is dry. The shape is looser, bigger waves. Wet hair does not set so blow your hair dry with your hands.  The moment it feels dry, is the time to shape it with the brush. Shape it under. When dry fluff it out with your hands.
Use jumbo equipment to finish the look. Use jumbo hot rollers or a big barrel iron.
Finish with Judaysia Hairdresser In a Can Shaping Spray. This is like having Judaysia in the can.  It lifts shapes and holds your hair. It gives hair a models glow. The micro fine spray is paraben free, with ginseng root, rosemary and sage it shines and protects hair from the sun’s damaging rays.  Judaysia's products available at www.judaysia.com/products.html For step-by-step instructions with pictures Style Your Hair E-Book is available for download.

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