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When it comes to your big day, make a vow to keep your look natural. Soft and easy. If you are wearing your hair up or down, keep it simple.
It seems old clichés are hard to shake. The more-is-more approach to beauty can make you look like a complete stranger to your mate on your wedding day.

Forget the wind-tunnel tight up-do and let your hair flow. If fifties hair and make-up is in all the magazines, don’t be tempted. Go for classic looks.
In essence, the key is restraint. Elegance springs from simplicity. Arrive as an approved version of yourself, with a look that is you. The most beautiful women keep it simple. Tousled locks are ideal for a summer wedding.
Abandon ornate tiaras for ribbons or fresh flower hairpieces made with local seasonal flowers. Long hair worn loose can look very pretty. If you usually wear your hair loose, keep it down but add a sexy wave. Add a soft hairpiece, or a few clip in extensions. Sweep your hair into a casual chignon, and tie it with a ribbon.  Keep the look soft. Relaxed beauty.                                                                                                
Make an appointment with your hairdresser and try a few different looks. Take your hair piece. Be sure it fits. Take pictures of styles you like to your hairdresser. Have your hair colored the week before your big day. Don’t forget your eyebrows, have them colored and shaped. If you are using add on hair pieces try them out before the wedding.
It is a good idea to try the stylist before the wedding. Make sure you know where the salon is located. Do a dry run.
If you are having your make-up done by a make-up artist try them out before the wedding.          


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