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 Thin Fragile Hair Will Become Thicker, Fuller and more Luxuriant.The best haircut for fine hair is Volumtechnics, a unique hair cutting technique that builds body into fine, limp and thin hair.
Volumtechnics thickens the hair strands. Thin fragile locks are volumized giving them strength.
Volumtechnics builds body and thickens.  Hair is cut off the roll of the head using every hair to lift and support each other. Hair becomes stronger and thicker because the weight is distributed evenly. This technique takes the stress off the strands and ends allowing the hair to thicken from the scalp.
Volumtechnics requires length. Really short hair does not volumize.   Hair is needed to build body so the scalp does not show through.
 As the hair grows out the shape is maintained. Any style can be worn.
Anyone seeking a great haircut can benefit from Volumtechnics. The technique was developed by Judaysia an award winning hairdresser in Malibu Ca.  Her studies in Europe with some of the world’s most creative and innovative hairdressers led her to thicken fine hair. She has coifed the heads of rock stars, actors, artists and heads of state. She is always creating new was to thicken hair; working on creating products for her clients and making people look younger. Her positive energy and artistic integrity has set a new standard for hairdressing.

Judaysia has developed Judaysia Thic Hair Thickener. Natural herbs and flowers thicken hair from the inner core, giving it tensile strength so it can grow and thicken. Black Walnut, Clove and Beet Root nourish the hair so it can become stronger, preventing split ends and breakage.  Niacin, and Biotin found in some of the most advanced hair growing products rebuild the strands and nourish the follicle. Rosemary, Sage and Nettle protect the cuticle and give it shine. Ginkgo blended with natural flower extracts restore the hairs elasticity allowing it to move.  Judaysia Thic will not build up on the hair. Judaysia Thic is available at http://judaysia.com/thic.html

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