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Oil and Product Build Up.
When you let oil build up on your scalp from product or from oily scalp (not washing your hair daily) even clarifying shampoo will have a hard time removing the oil.
Products with oil build up on the scalp.
Studies have shown it all comes down to hours. Daily washing helps you keep your hair machine working properly. The health of your hair depends on it.
Having a deep follicle cleanse removes excess build-up and allows oxygen to get to the follicle. When you remove the excess oil on the scalp your hair will have more grab and will not fall out so much. Oily products cause hair to slip from the follicle.
It is a good idea to see your hairdresser for a deep follicle cleanse once a month to reduce fallout and promote growth.
A deep follicle cleanse will make your hair explode with volume. Your scalp will be clean and invigorated. The Naturceutical gentle cleansing treatment removes build-up and oil with natural botanicals to maintain the health of your scalp. Your hair will shine and breathe and smell so lovely. It willhelp promote growth.
Use Judaysia Naturceutical  Hair Care for beautiful healthy hair. Judaysia is the perfect blend of nature and science. The holistic plants and flowers thicken fine, limp, and thin hair naturally. They never build up.
Judaysia has a holistic approach to thickening hair. Her signature Volumtechnics Haircutting builds body into fine, limp, and thin hair. Caring for your hair at home is as important as getting a shaping.
Judaysia Naturceutical Hair Care keeps your hair healthy so it can grow long and strong.
Dry damaged thin hair can become thick and lustrous. By taking care of your hair using quality products your hair will have less stress. Less stress leads to thicker, fuller , healthy hair with shine and bounce. Judaysia Naturceutical Hair Care eliminates frizz and breakage.
Judaysia thickens, shines, and brings health to your hair.

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