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  Mile high Updo’s and French Twists dominated Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 09 show. Runway hair can be exaggerated at the same time giving us inspiration and ideas along with the courage to try new things.
Shoulder length hair or longer can be piled high. Hair pieces can be added if your hair is too short. To get a sleeker look back comb hair slightly.
To give hair volume wash with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo. Apply Judaysia Mousse and blow hair dry hair. Judaysia Mousse thickens every strand and it gives your hair all day holding power. It is great for updo’s or waves. Set it with jumbo velcro rollers. Roller the front bang area to the side or back. Place two rollers in the crown area for height. Roll the rest of the head in a downward pattern. Heat rollers up with a hair dryer. Let them sit for about thirty minutes. This set will give your hair a foundation for the style. Remove the rollers. Release your set by brushing your hair.
Backcomb your hair with a comb or back combing brush. Take a strand and start at the scalp and grate your hair like you are grating cheese. Backcomb from root to end.
Smooth your hair to one side. Refer to the photo. If your hair is heavy and long pin in a vertical base by overlapping bobby pins. Now take the hair and roll it in to the center. Pin in place. Smooth the top of your hair into the twist and pin. Spray with Judaysia Platinum Extra Hold Hairspray. Use a rat tail comb to lift hair if you would like more height. For more styling information Style Your Hair by Judaysia E-book is available at her web site. Judaysia VS Voumizing Shampoo, Judaysia Mousse and Judaysia Platinum Extra Hold Hair Spray are available at http://judaysia.com/products.html

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