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Fine hair can look and feel thicker with hair color. Color gives the cuticle a new life. By following some of these steps you can make your hair double or even triple the volume.
Fine, straight and thin hair can just stick to your head. An all over hair color can produce volume. It can also give your hair some shine.
If you have thin hair you can make it look thicker by giving the roots some depth. This is an old Hollywood secret used on the film stars.
For a more dramatic look foil some light streaks into your hair.
Go platinum. You won’t believe the texture. Hair lightener is one of the best hair color treatments to triple your volume.
Color shy people can start with a few highlights or low lights.
Always consult with a professional. I like to color and cut hair. I always see the end result first.  It’s like doing a painting or sculpture. I would not want to turn part of my work over to someone else.  
Don’t be afraid to color your hair. You have nothing to lose. Hair color will not make your hair fall out. In fact, it can soak up some of the oil that coats the follicle.
Coloring your hair gives it body. Your hair will be able to hold waves.
Fine hair is one of the strongest hair types. It can take color well. It is easy to lighten.
Always condition your hair. A good conditioner can give your hair elasticity and bounce. Judaysia Holy Water is so light and refreshing. It controls frizz. Your hair will have body and shine from the ginseng.  Soothing herbs make up  the first leave in volumizing detangler.
Judaysia Hair Salad can be used on wet or dry hair. It moisturizes the hair from within. Hair Salad nourishes and heals the cuticle. Your color last longer and keeps from fading.Finally, live a little. Try something new. Even if it doesn’t come out exactly how you want it. you can do it again. Judaysia Holy Water and Hair Salad are available at http://www.judaysia.com/products.html

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