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Thin Hair Gets Thick.
Hair color can make thin hair look thicker.  The current trends in hair color: Ombre and Color Blocking can work magic to make hair look thicker. Using the Ombre technique in natural tones can produce some stunning results. The same goes for color blocking.  Runway models have sexy examples of Ombre hair color. The art of choosing hair color to make fine and thin hair thicker is in the shade selection.
My customer Annie Bruskrud taught me the secret formulas and techniques used by Hollywood’s movie stylists to make the stars hair thicker. She even brought me the bowl and brush they used for the application. I use her tools every day. Grey hair that is fine and thin often times shows the scalp.  Color Blocking in natural shades can make the scalp disappear and hair look thicker.
 Depth at the root is key. Shade selection should be natural. Too dark and the grey will show right away. The dark dirty Goth look does not apply here. We are talking about sexy, beautiful, runway hair that is shiny thick and full of body for women of all ages.  
The look : Rich girl hair color reigned supreme. At Bottega Veneta natural hair color and waves were a welcome return to glamour. Luscious locks came in the shades of strawberry, butter, champagne and walnut. You get the picture.  Hair color  in natural shades make thin hair look thicker.Soft shiny hair keeps you looking modern and younger. If your hair color is washed out and faded with the frizzy look, condition it and color it. Judaysia Hair Salad nourishes hair and keeps the color from fading. Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo locks in the color to protect it against sun and harsh chemicals.



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