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The classic French twist can be worn with any type of hair. You need some length to make a beautiful twist.  Ideally your hair should fall half way between your neck and shoulder.
Today’s twist can be worn messy, with or without a bang. If your hair is very fine and soft or fine and thin you will get more body with some backcombing.
To Get The Look:
Tease your hair with a teasing brush or comb. Tease close to the scalp. With your brush or comb smooth hair from in front of the ear into the middle of the back of your head. Secure a base with bobby pins. Overlap them vertically for support. Now smooth the other side to the back of your head and roll your hair into a vertical roll. Pin in place. You can leave your bang down to soften your face. You can pull some pieces out at the nape of your neck and along the hairline. Spray with Judaysia VS Shaper Spray.                                                                      
Practice making your twist a few times before you use the spray. If your hair is long and heavy you will need to pin a very secure base. To learn more Style Your Hair by Judaysia gives full photo step-by-step instructions. The book also shows what equipment to use as well as products to make the styling easier.
E-Book Style Your Hair by Judaysia is available at/www.judaysia.com/products.html

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