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Red and brunette hair colors are notorious for fading. Even some blonde shades seem to dull down. Brunette hair color will tend to turn brassy casting an orange shade in between touch-ups. Red hair color seems to fade from the very first wash getting lighter as the month goes on.  Blonde hair color will start out bright and shiny and in a couple of weeks it will have lost its glow.
What can you do?
Light is hair colors worst enemy. The sun strips hair color. Natural hair will fade and highlight in the sun, so will hair color. Wear a hat if you are spending time in the sun. Keep your hair protected and your scalp. If you are swimming or at the beach take some hair conditioner and run it through your hair. This will help reduce the effects of chlorine and salt water. I like Judaysia Hair Salad. The consistency is thick enough to protect hair color from fading and it nourishes the scalp. The best thing about Judaysia Hair Salad is the moisturizing properties that keep hair from frizzing. A very little bit goes a long way.
Shampoo can strip hair color from the very first washing. Conditioners and sulfate free shampoo are not immune. Some shampoos and conditioners still contain AHA’s. Alpha- hydroxy’s. Why? I do not know. They completely strip the hair and leave it dry and damaged. There are color shampoos on the market that fade hair color. Some are designed to fade your color so you can use their hair color refresher. If you see your color fading switch shampoos. I like shampoo made with natural ingredients. Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo is made with chamomile, cherry bark, henna, flowers and vitamins. It will not fade hair color.
It is a good idea to have a couple of shampoos to switch between.
Tell your hair dresser your hair is fading right away. She should be able to adjust your color. There are also some new sealers on the market to help reduce fading. I have developed varnishes to give the hair shine and body and seal in the hair color. They do not contain polymers. Polymers are found in shades and jazzing products. The polymer builds up on the hair like floor wax and makes your hair dry and brittle.
Remember to protect your hair and use conditioners. Summer is coming and we are all spending more time out doors exercising. The sun still shines through the clouds on over cast days. Wear your hat. Judaysia Hair Salad and VS Volumizing Shampoo is available at http://judaysia.com/products.html


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