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The face is divided into three zones:
Forehead to eyebrow.
Eyebrows to end of noise.
End of nose to bottom of chin.
Oval face shape
The oval face is recognized as the ideal face shape. The oval face is about one and a half times longer than its width across the brow. The forehead is slightly wider than the chin. An oval shape face can wear any hairstyle unless there are other considerations such as glasses, length and shape of nose, or profile.
Round face shape
The round face has a round hairline and round chin line, wide face. Try to create the illusion of length to the face. A hairstyle with height on top of the head. Some hair over the ears and chin styled in an upward motion. Style bangs to one side.
Square face shape
The square face has a straight hairline and square jaw line, wide face. Create an illusion of length with a hairstyle that lifts off the forehead and comes forward at the temples and jaw.  This narrows and softens the face. Asymmetrical hairstyles work well.
Pear face shape
The pear face has a narrow forehead, a wide jaw and chin line. Create the illusion of width in the forehead. Choose a hairstyle with fullness and height. Cover the forehead with a partial fringe. Layers through the top and side with a little curl will add width to the forehead.
Oblong face shape
The oblong face is long and narrow with hollow cheeks. Make the face appear shorter and wider. Style the hair close to the top of the head with a fringe of curls and bangs combined with fullness to the sides. Fullness at the sides adds the illusion of width.
Diamond face shape
A diamond face has a narrow forehead, extreme width through the cheekbones, and narrow chin. Reduce the width across the cheekbone line. Increasing fullness across the jaw line and forehead while keeping the hair close to the head at the cheekbones creates an oval appearance. Avoid off the face hairstyles.
Heart face shape
The heart face has a wide forehead and narrow chin line.
Decrease the width of the forehead and increase the width in the lower part of the face. A center part with bangs flipped up or a style slanted to one side is recommended. Add width and softness at the jaw line.
Crooked nose
To minimize a crooked nose, style the hair in an off center manner which will take the eye away from the nose. Asymmetrical styles work well. Messy unbalanced styles are also good.
Wide flat nose
A wide, flat nose tends to broaden the face. Minimize this effect, by drawing the hair away from the face.
Prominent nose, hooked, large or pointed
Draw attention away from the nose; bring the hair forward at the forehead with softness around the face.
Turned up nose, short nose
The hair should be swept off the face creating a line from the nose to the ear. This will add length to the short nose. The top hair should move off the forehead to give the illusion of length to the nose.
Wide set eyes
Usually found on a round or square face. Minimize the effect by lifting and fluffing the top of the hair and bang area. A side bang helps to draw attention away from the space between the eyes.
Close set eyes
Usually found on long, narrow faces. Style the hair fairly high with a side movement. This will open the face and give the illusion of more space between the eyes. A style with flippy ends works well.
Plump with short neck
Create the illusion of length. Height on top.  Wispy, upward movement in a style works well. Avoid hairstyles that give fullness to the back of the neck.
Long thin neck
Soft waves falling on the neck are a great disguise. Keep the hair long and full.

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