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Glamour meets grunge. This season hair was disheveled, twisted, plaited and dreaded. To keep the look glamorous, hair has to be in immaculate condition. Apply a conditioner such as Voltech Hair Salad the night before styling to nourish your hair. A modern day gypsy look. How to get the look.Work Judaysia Mousse through freshly washed damp hair. This gives hair thickness and provides a base to hold texture.

  • Blow-dry hair but don't go to smooth. Natural kinks and waves add to the laid back style. Just ensure frizzy strands are tamed and hair looks fresh and healthy. To tame frizz use Judaysia Holy Water.
  • Taking a small section of hair twist it from the root down. Hold onto the end and with your hand; rub your fingers up and down from tip to root to create friction. Then spray with Judaysia VS Shaper Hair Spray. The effect should be uneven.
  • For a softer look lightly apply crimpers diagonally across a section of blow dried hair from root to tip for a few seconds.
  • Only crimp small sections. Use the crimp as a tiny detail to swell hair and give texture.
  • Be inspired. Tightly plait small sections for a pirate look.
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