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Cutting Curly Hair.
Curly and wavy hair can hold a beautiful shape. Volumtechnics Haircutting thickens and shapes curly hair.
The key to shaping curly hair is cutting with the wave pattern. Volumtechnics goes with the flow of the hair stream.  Cutting weight where it is needed to give the hair fullness.
Curly hair is longer when it is wet  and shorter when it dries.   Curly hair has great elasticity; the ability to stretch and return to its shape.  The natural spring in the hair makes shaping it a joy. You can feel the hair come alive with each snip. A good hairdresser can feel the shape with their hands.  
Thinning wavy hair and slithering  can make it frizzy and unmanageable. Slithering damages the cuticle of the hair making it coarse and frizzy. Excess bulk can be removed with proper shaping.
Volumtechnic haircuts keep their shape as they grow. Your hair will grow longer and stronger.
Take pictures to your hairdresser and show her what you like. Ask her to teach you to style your hair and get different looks. A good cut can stand on it’s own, it also looks good when it is blown dry or flat ironed.
I use Judaysia Holy Water and Judaysia Hair Salad on curly and wavy hair to eliminate frizz. Judaysia Hair Salad can be used as a smoothing serum for styling wet or dry hair. 

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