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Blake Lively’s Hairstyle
Get The Look.
Blake Lively’s hair is all the rage. Her cascading  waves are long and loose.  If your hair is long and layered you can do it yourself. The set is easy. To Get The Look…
Have your hair shaped into voluminous layers with Volumtechnics. Volumtechnics weights the hair at just the right point to make the strands thicker and give the hair shape. When your hair has shape styling becomes easier. All you need is a big barrel curling iron and Judaysia Explode. The longer your hair the better. Shoulder length hair could add a few clip on extensions underneath to create length. I like natural hair because it sets so well.
Products are your styles best friend. Judaysia’s hair thickening and styling products give the hair holding power. One of the best on the market for volume and waves is Judaysia Explode.
Judaysia Explode thickens and volumizes your hair giving it all day hold.
You can wave your hair and have gorgeous big shiny waves by night and the next day your loose lazy waves are perfect for a few easy braids.
After washing your hair towel dry and spray on Judaysia Explode. If you do not have Judaysia Explode you can get the look with Judaysia Mousse. Blow dry your hair. Use a big barrel curling iron. Take an inch parting and wrap the strand candle stick style around the barrel. Try to prevent fish hooks on the ends. Click off the edges by using your iron.  Let your waves cool before separating, your waves should cascade loosely past your shoulders.
This look can also be achieved with big clip curls. There is a free video of how to do them with the E-Book  Make Your Hair Sexy In 15 Minutes by Judaysia
Hair styling products and books available at http://www.judaysia.com/products.html

Volumtechnics thickens and builds body into fine, limp and thin hair. It was developed by Judaysia. Her studio is located in Malibu Ca. Learn more about Volumtechnics at her web site www.judaysia.com



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