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Heidi Klum has given her long hair a sexy new bang. Katie Holmes bob has brought bangs to the forefront. Kate Moss has given her hair a fresh new look with a bang. Celebrities are updating their hair with brow skimming bangs. Long and short hair styles are popping up all over with bangs. It’s no wonder. Bangs are giving messy hair some shape and control.
Bangs add softness to the eyes and raise the cheekbones. Busy moms can put their hair up in seconds and look great. Ponytails and French twists get a classy update with a bang. Bangs work best with a high forehead. They can shorten a long face. Bangs will hide lines and wrinkles. They give an overall youthful appearance.
Keep your bangs trimmed. If you do not have the time to go to your hairdresser, Style Your Hair by Judaysia teaches you how to cut your own. The easy step- by- step  instructions are simple to follow. You will be able to cut your children’s bangs as well.Style Your Hair by Judaysia can be downloaded at http://judaysia.com/products.html




Bangs Update
Face framing, eye popping fringe. Shorter in the middle and longer at the edges.
For those of you who love to wear your hair up this bang fills in the space at the hair line. It connects the short with the long. Softness is created around the face. Go to your stylist for bang trim to keep it the shape.

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