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Short and to the Point.
Alyssa Milano has the perfect face and features for a short pixie haircut. It can be fun to cut your hair extremely short. This is a very low maintenance look. To keep your hair looking its best it is a good idea to have it cut every three to four weeks.
If you are thinking of cutting your hair short for spring consider these tips…
Short hair can be very sexy. When you change your hairstyle change your make-up. Lips and eyes become a focal point. Try a more vibrant shade of lipstick. There are some new fibers on the market that make your lashes look longer. Try one from Ready to Wear.
If your hair is very thin this may not be for you. Very short hair needs density to cover the scalp.
This is not a look that creates volume. Very fine flat hair will need product to keep it from sticking to your head.
If your face is ageing every thing will be exposed. Be careful you can make your self look older. Very short hair does not lift the face, it exposes it.
Try on some wigs to see how you will look before taking the plunge.

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